A healthier, fitter ME!: Made at Home: Just like Panera s Iced

Panera bread iced green tea recipe

Green Tea / May 27, 2017

Their delicious Iced-Green Tea!

, but I tend to go for the Chai or spices combinations. This week, I only had plain green tea bags left, and I am so glad because one sip of this delicious all natural, calorie and sugar free drink brought me back to lunches at Panera...

What you'll need...

6 bags of a good green tea (I used Yogi Perfect green Tea)

a tea kettle or a pot

the peel of clementine (or 1/2 an orange)

the juice of 1 lemon

32 oz of water

10 Truvia packets

1 full drop of liquid vanilla stevia

a container that holds 32 oz of water


In a pot or a tea kettle heat up your water and bring to a boil. Once the water comes to a boil, add in your tea bags and orange peel and remove from heat. Let the tea bags steep for about 2 hours or until water is at a warm/cool temperature. Remove tea bags and orange peel from your tea water and add in half of your tea water to a 32 oz. container. Then add in your Truvia, stevia, and lemon juice. Add the rest of your tea, shake your tea, and refrigerate.

Source: www.ahealthierfitterme.com