Panera iced green tea caffeine

Panera iced green tea caffeine

Green Tea / July 2, 2017

Panera Bread Brewed Coffee is just one of the many caffeinated beverages this popular restaurant chain offers.

Above is the average caffeine amount expected in their Medium (16 floz) size brewed coffee. They offer several different roasts and flavors, but these would just vary slightly in average caffeine.

Caffeine in All Panera Coffees, Espresso Drinks, & Teas

Hot Beverages

Beverage Small (12 floz) Medium (16 floz) Large (20 floz)
Brewed Coffee 142 mg 189 mg 236 mg
Espresso 73 (single shot)
Cafe Late 179 mg
Vanilla Latte 183 mg
Caramel Latte
Mocha 192 mg
Skinny Mocha 191 mg
Chai Tea Latte 24 mg
Hot Chocolate 17 mg

Cold Beverages

16 floz 20 floz 32 floz
Iced Coffee 302 mg
Frozen Mocha 199 mg
Frozen Caramel Latte 185 mg
Iced Chai Latte 19 mg
Iced Tea 74 mg 118 mg
Iced Green Tea 0 mg
Iced Mango Tea 296 mg
Hibiscus Iced Tea

Panera Bread has some surprising and a little confusing caffeine content information.

  • Their espresso beverages don't seem to follow the usual shot of espresso formulation that most other chains like Starbucks use. A "medium" is 179 mg which isn't a multiple of the 73 mg found in their shot of espresso.
  • Panera Bread Mango Iced Tea has almost as much caffeine as their Iced Coffee, which is very unusual and could catch a lot of tea drinkers off guard.
  • Their Iced Green Tea is listed as 0 mg of caffeine which seems strange since it is listed as being made from real green tea and green tea contains caffeine.

Expect Panera Bread's coffee offerings to increase in the future as they seek to establish themselves further in the breakfast market segment.

Ingredients in Panera Bread Coffee

Panera Brewed Coffee is just arabica coffee and water

Sugar content: Contains no sugar.

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