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Spice tea recipe with red hots

Green Tea / October 11, 2017

I'm not a chai lover. I mostly drink green. My wife loves chai though and I tried a sip of hers. I'm now a red hot chai lover!!—Joe

If you love Red Rocks and Chai, you will love this tea. Trust me. After tasting the sample I received, I logged on just to rate it. Great blend, Tea Spot!—Kristina

This beautiful tea with fabulous masala like flavorings is wonderful to sip in the afternoons!—Sailtracysail

I was skeptical when my first herbal club shipment contained just rooibos teas, but Red Hot Chai has completely won me over. It's a nice, spicy tea - cinnamon and cloves, mmm. Perfect for a chilly morning or evening. It gets a little bitter if I let it get cold, but hot it's delicious. I usually drink my tea "black", but have discovered that this chai is simply scrumptious with a bit of cream added - almost like a dessert!—Mandie

The Red Hot name is no mistake, this tastes just like the candy of the same name from my childhood. I'm not sure I would call it a chai, exactly, but it is spicy with the cinnamon and yet sweet with a little kick. This makes a great evening tea because it has no caffeine but you feel like you're drinking a 'real' tea that's not too dessert-like. I made a batch with one part water to two parts almond milk and it kept it's chai-like taste very nicely. I got this as a sample with my recent order and the bulk size is on my wishlist for my next order. This was a lovely surprise for a decaffeinated chai.—Janice

Chai is my go to flavor, and this one is added to my fav's! Cinnamon with the hint of vanila...YUM!—Lonnie

I received a sample of this tea with a prior order. I tried it hot and didn't really care for it. It sat in my cabinet for awhile and then I grabbed it on a whim for iced tea, wow! I'm addicted. Definitely try it iced.—Happycamper

This herbal chai is decadent and delicious. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves chai, and/or anyone interested in sampling a new tea. —ohm

Of all the teas I have tried so far from The Tea Spot, this one is my favorite. It is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet for ice tea. I took it on a picnic and my friends enjoyed it, too. I also love that it is caffeine free. I like finding teas I can drink after noon which will not keep me awake at night. The only thing which would make this better is if it was organic. I want to stick with organic teas but this one is too good to pass by...—Janice

If you like chia and love cinnamon, this is the tea for you!!! I found it very good and it's aroma basically took over the whole house. It smelled like the holidays! Very strong flavor, but can be easily defused with a little additional hot water, shorter steeping time or perhaps a splash of the milk of your choice. —Liz H.

Such a comforting cup of tea. Reminds me of my grandfathers pipe. :)—Sarah

I received this as a sample while on the hunt for a good Earl Grey for my husband. Because of the title, I would not have tried this, but the sample was so good, I came back and ordered a tin. It was like The Tea Spot knew what I would like—Inner Sun Soap

Let me start by saying that I dislike the flavor of plain rooibus. I thought this would be considerably spicier and have more notes of cinnamon and cardamom, based on the name, but you can hardly taste the spices at all. —Jen

This is a wonderful flavor with lots of kick, but not like something that is too spicy. I was a little worried at the name and got it as a sample and really love it.—Go

I was surprised how much I liked this. Dee[ flavors, rich tasting, my new favorite.—queennae

When I thought a red couldn't get better than Red Rocks. I love this one equally the same, but when I'm in the mood for a spicier flavor, this one rocks as well!!—Gail