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Best green tea brands for weight loss

Green Tea / May 6, 2017

If you cannot go a day without green tea, then, you are an avid tea lover and chances are that you have enjoyed this particular brand before.

Have you not tried Twining Jasmine Tea for weight loss yet? You are missing out!

Twinning Jasmine Green Tea is made with Jasmine which is a flowering plant that is mostly found in tropical regions.

A perfect combination of Green Tea and Jasmine is one beverage that you wish to have all day long.

Twining Jasmine Green Tea is one of the best green tea for weight loss and it is a great choice if you are looking for a light and refreshing morning or afternoon drink.

One of the many reasons why most tea lovers prefer this tea for weight loss is due to the fact that it is rich in catechins that have fat burning properties which are helpful in weight loss.

It does so by increasing the metabolic rate which subsequently helps you burn fat faster and in the long run, you end up having shaved off a few pounds.

Besides helping you to shed some weight, Twinning Jasmine Green Tea offers other benefits to the body such as fighting bacteria, aromatherapy, cancer prevention, anti-aging, regulates circulation, heart health, cold prevention, stress relieving and prevention of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

For you to reap the benefits of this green tea, it is advisable that you do not put it for more than five minutes in cold or warm water and keep it refrigerated if you plan to take it later.

In as much as Twinning Jasmine Green Tea is packaged with many benefits, the tea may exhibit some sensation of sourness that some people find to be unappealing.

Product Packaging and Specifications

Twining Jasmine comes packaged in a 6 pack; meaning that you will receive 120 individually wrapped tea bags.


  • Layered with freshly picked Jasmine blossoms.
  • Mild and refreshing.
  • Ships in Certified frustrations-free packaging.
Pros Cons

Twining jasmine is effective for weight loss and helps to improve general health.

Individually wrapped tea bags for freshness.

Twining Jasmine is rich in antioxidants which play a vital role in weight loss.

Might not go well with some medications so ensure that you consult with your doctor if you are under any medication.

Twining Jasmine may cause caffeine withdrawal if you abruptly stop taking the tea.

Helps control cholesterol levels in the body.

This is a great green tea brand that you should try out and test to see whether the benefits are evident after a while.

2. Stash Premium Green Tea

Grown in Brazil and blended in the USA, Stash Premium Green Tea is one of the best green tea for weight loss.

A cup of this green tea brand will leave you begging for more because it has a rich flavor and it is very delicious even without sweeteners.

The Green Tea has a light green appearance with just a touch of sour taste.

One of the things that will surely amaze you about this particular brand, as a tea lover, is the lengthy process that is involved herein to ensure that you get the best green tea available.

The seedlings are handpicked from the best Japanese tea bushes and taken to Brazil.

According to the manufacturers of Stash, the green tea is steamed fresh from the garden which makes it retain its color and natural flavor.

It is rich in antioxidants, pale green in cup with a slightly sweet flavor.

Stash Green Tea is packed in a bright green box with white lettering and black top.

The tea is packed in a 100 count box of tea bags which are foiled.

  • Green tea bags are individually packed for freshness which means that you are able to buy in large quantities and store them in your home.
  • The tea bags are tightly wrapped such that the tea’s aroma is not lost even after a long while.
  • Slightly sweet and has a nutty flavor.
  • Kof-K Kosher certified.
  • Contains Caffeine.
  • Stash Green Tea is available in bulk packages and is conveniently packed for food services settings.
Helps to boost metabolism and contains thermogenic properties that help with weight loss. Stash Green Tea is not easy to find.
Weight loss is achieved by accelerating the body’s basal metabolism in healthy ways. Might aggravate motion sicknesses if taken on an empty stomach.
If used regularly, it can help to clear out acne. Adding too much sweetener can mask the tea’s rich flavor.
Contain low to moderate caffeine amounts. Stash Premium Green Tea can be very addictive.
Has unique aroma and taste that is unlikely to find in other green tea brands. Can cause yellowing of the teeth if consistently used for a long period of time.
Its packaging helps retain freshness for more than three years which means that you buy in large quantities.
Quite affordable.
It has just a touch of bitterness unlike other green teas that tend to be quite bitter.
Sweetens quite easily especially when using Stevia as a sweetener.

A green tea lover tends to sample out many green tea brands. Sampling Stash Premium Green Tea will be one of the best choices you will ever make.

Although the manufacturers recommend that you take the tea plain, you are allowed to be creative with it.

3. Celestial Seasonings

One of the most popular green tea brands is Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, green tea antioxidants.

The tea contains vitamin A, antioxidants, and vitamin C providing you with many health benefits and a great taste.

It is also infused with breezy citrus sweetness reminiscent of an old-fashioned lemonade.

Some of the ingredients that make this green tea one the best in the market include the green tea, natural lemon and orange flavors, vitamin C, Eleuthero, Stevia extract and vitamin A palmitate.

To prepare this green tea, heat fresh and filtered water until very hot but do not let it come to a boil.

You will realize that celestial seasonings tend to taste better when the water is slightly cooler.

Pour a cup of water over the tea bag in a cup and leave it in for about three minutes before you remove the tea bag.

Sweeten it if desired with natural sweeteners such as honey or Stevia.

If you want to take it as iced tea, pour two hot cups of water over 4 tea bags in a heat-resistant pitcher and repeat the process of steeping as described above.

Add 2 cups of cold water and serve over ice.

The green tea is packaged in a 2 x 20 count boxes meaning that a single order can take you for quite some time.

  • Contains natural herbs and flavors, no preservatives or artificial colors.
  • Kosher certified and gluten free.
  • String-less tea bag to reduce wastage.
  • Rich in flavor.
  • Contains Stevia so you will not need to buy a sweetener.
Gluten free and caffeine free. No strings are used on the tea bags and you have to use a strainer spoon to remove the tea bags from the cup.
It is economical and quite affordable compared to most green tea brands. Tea bags are not sealed separately.
Unlike most green tea brands, Celestial Seasonings causes less teeth staining. Does not contain caffeine and this might not augur well with green tea lovers who love caffeinated tea.
No additives are used in the production of the green tea.
Use of microwave to prepare the tea does not diminish the flavor.
Commonly found in most local and online stores.

When making a list of green tea that you should sample, ensure that you have a taste of Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, green tea antioxidants.

4. Lipton

As a green tea lover, some of the things you tend to consider when buying green tea is the price, taste and flavor of the tea.