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Green tea with ginseng and honey recipe

Green Tea / May 11, 2022

This tea came out awesome! Exactly like the store bought in my opinion! Followed the advice of other posters and added an extra TBSP of honey but I think I will stick with just 2 next time it was a little too-honey for my taste with 3. Also about the ginseng: I bought pre-capped (100 mg per cap) Korean Panax Ginseng and simply broke them open (2 caps=1/4 tsp) and mixed in the extract so if you're wondering that method does indeed work just fine!
Excellent as is but would also recommend doubling the teabags and an extra teaspoon of honey
This is awesome!! It's perfect Arizona style ice tea! Make it, you'll love it!
Really easy to make, You can buy green tea with ginseng and honey in bags, just add sugar, lemon juice and lil bit honey if you want!
Green Tea w/Ginseng & Honey
I love the Arizona version of this tea and would make it myself, if ONLY I could find the ginseng extract. Anybody have a suggestion on where I can buy it.
Tastes nice. You can add a hint of ginger powder if you like. Not too much though.
I thought this wasn't going to taste the same as the real thing but it does! Thanks :^)
I love this tea, thank you so much for sharing it..
I don't know what all these other people are talking about but following the recipe exact was way too lemony to taste the same as Arizona's. Reduce the lemon by about half and it may taste like it then. And maybe add another tbsp of honey also. I used fresh lemon juice so idk if that makes a difference. It still tastes good as is though.
Careful with the ginseng!
Too much will absolutely ruin the tea. I learned that the hard way. Otherwise, a ridiculously inexpensive, great-tasting and easy-to-make alternative to the real thing. I may never buy another $4 gallon of Arizona again.
This recipe is delicious!! Can't tell the difference! A must try!
All of your recipes have turned out amazing and this one's no different, *whisper* Do you know how to read foods minds?
My teenage son once bought Arizona green tea all the time, but not anymore. He loves the homemade version much more. I use a decaf green tea bag. If I'm in a hurry I leave out the ginseng and he never notices.
Too much honey. But besides that - perfect!!
I end up doubling the recipe and making a very large pot of this tea. My former roommate would drink it like water; my boyfriend is almost as bad. :) Instead of using a tea bag, I use a tablespoon of loose green tea, bought in bulk. I also use Splenda and honey for health reasons. All in all, some of Todd's best work!
I love this stuff. I pretty much always have a pitcher on the go now! I've never bought the ginseng and still feel that it tastes almost identical to the real thing. Thanks for this amazing recipe.
This has always been a favorite drink of mine in the stores but, I love it even more now that I can make it at home. Way better than $1.50 a pop!!! Total brilliance. MAD PROPS!!! really is hard to believe you only use one tea bag! I was making iced green tea all of the time in my iced tea maker, but i never could really perfect it so i was constantly changing it. This is great!
This is my 16 yr old grandson's favorite drink! He likes this better than the bottled bought at the store.
I have always loved the taste of Arizona green tea, and how they make it taste so great with little sugar. Now I can make it at home and drink it whenever I want. Thanks!
This is a really good recipe. Taste like the real thing. I make it by the gallon.
One of my favorite recipes but i think there is too much lemon.
Pretty good - it tastes a lot like the real thing, even without the ginseng extract.
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