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Green tea that Helps lose weight

Green Tea / July 11, 2017

Green tea weight lossNot sure how many of you are watching The Dr. Oz Show, but in one of November’s episodes, he talked about some of the most popular belly fat myths and gave some useful tips on how to get rid of belly fat using only natural solutions.

What’s a CLA supplement?

Conjugated linoleic acids, or a family of substances found in dairy and meat products, which are known to improve immunity, limit food allergy reactions, fight against atherosclerosis and support weight loss.

On the other hand, CLA supplements may alter the body’s sensitivity to insulin, may upset the gastrointestinal tract and increase the levels of potassium, causing kidney problems.

In fact, if you have the time to browse for opinions from real users, you’ll see they are slightly different than the marketing stories used for promoting these fat burning supplements.

Although there are people who did manage to lose weight easier after using these supplements, lots of the users who have tried CLA for reducing their body fat percentage have experienced kidney problems. This means that CLA may not be the best solution for dropping extra fats faster.

But Dr. Oz’s solution also included green tea, and if you’re curious to check the labels of different fat burners and weight loss products, you’ll see that lots of them contain this tea. Does it mean that the tasty beverage obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant can trim down fats and get you a model’s body?

Is green tea really a fat burner?

caffeine green tea fat burnerThe myth promoted by companies producing dietary supplements and weight loss pills says that green tea products – pills, extract and even the beverage itself – are able to speed up the destruction of abdominal fats, leading to a faster reduction of the belly fat layer and thus to a leaner body.

Hundreds of articles and web pages available out there suggest that green tea extract may have meaningful effects on the body’s ability to burn fats faster. Yet, most of the scientific papers discussing this topic refer to the weight loss effects of green tea in mice or other lab animals.

Are there enough scientific arguments to support the effectiveness of green tea as fat burner in humans?

Myth vs. facts

Researchers say caution should be used when interpreting animal data and applying them to humans. While scientists agree that green tea products can be efficient in reducing the body fat percentage and inhibiting the accumulation of new fats, they also highlight the fact that these products may not have the same effects on the human body and that better clinical trials are needed for establishing whether green tea can, in fact, cause significant weight reduction in humans.

ConsumerLabs.com, who provides independent test results and information on health and nutrition products, tested over 25 green tea supplements, teas and bottled drinks, in order to observe the effects of this tea on one’s body weight. They started with the premise that green tea supplements may aid in weight control, and that EGCG, one of the active compounds in this beverage, may support the reduction of body fat percentage.

This theory is backed up by scientific studies, numerous research papers showing that EGCG provides high amounts of polyphenols, which are proven to exert anti-inflammatory effects and to inhibit the accumulation of body fat by suppressing lipogenesis. Catechins in tea are known to interfere with the intestinal absorption of lipids, preventing the accumulation of fats and acting as effective, natural lipid-lowering agents.

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