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green tea pastry cream recipe

Green Tea / June 26, 2017

I had the nice surprise to be selected for the ‘Site we Love’ feature of SAVEUR magazine this month. Amazing! You can read my interview here. Thank you all for all your good words. I was going to post a different recipe today but I figured we need to celebrate with something sweet that everybody loves.

Ah, the magic of cream puffs. My very first kitchen triumph when I was about 14 years old. That’s when I gave myself the challenge to make choux à la crème for a holiday dinner and everyone, including my parents, doubted it would work. I remember sitting in front of the oven, peeking through the oven window smiling from cheek to cheek as I saw the mounds of of pâte à choux rising tall. I held my breath and crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t fall flat. When the cooking time was up I opened the oven door and here they were, perfectly puffed and golden. I filled them with a crème chantilly and I was hooked for life.

I’ve been experimenting with different fillings for cream puffs and I’m quite happy with this one. I made a green tea pastry cream with whole eggs, instead of egg yolks, which makes it much lighter. Then I folded whipped cream into it and stabilized it with a small amount of gelatin, which keeps the cream from running away from you after the first bite. You could of course omit the green tea and split a vanilla bean into the milk to make a vanilla cream version. Everything else stays the same. The choux paste is a no-fail recipe I’ve been using for years. Both together. A hit.