How Much Caffeine Is in Green Tea? (And How to Reduce It)

Does green tea have any caffeine

Green Tea / June 4, 2019

I heard that green tea is caffeine free, but it always gives me energy. Does green tea have caffeine? If so, how much caffeine is in green tea?

Answer: Although it's a common myth that green tea is naturally caffeine free, green tea does contain caffeine. *

The short answer is that a cup of pure green tea usually contains around 25 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce serving.

The more complex (and complete) answer is that the amount of caffeine in green tea varies from type to type, and green tea can contain anywhere from 12 mg of caffeine to 75 mg of caffeine, or even more for some types of Matcha Green Tea and other powdered green teas. There are many factors that influence the level of caffeine in tea, including green teas.

  • Stash Tea Decaf Green - 7.6 mg
  • Celestial Seasonings Green Tea - 12 mg
  • Ten Ren Green Tea - 16.4 mg
  • Lipton Green Tea - 16.4 mg
  • Stash Tea Organic Green Tea - 27 mg
  • Stash Tea Premium Green Tea - 30.2 mg
  • Peet's Coffee Green Tea - 33.4 mg
  • Stash Tea Dragonwell Exotica Green Tea - 47.8 mg

Similarly, you'll see a lot of variance in commercially available tea drinks, such as bottled drinks or drinks prepared in coffee houses or tea shops.

Here are some samples published by the producers of various green tea drinks:

  • Lipton Grisk Green Tea (12 oz) - 6 mg caffeine (4 mg per 8 oz)
  • Arizona Green Teas (23.5 oz) - 22 mg caffeine (under 7.5 mg per 8 oz)
  • Snapple Green Tea (16 oz) - 15 mg caffeine (7.5 mg per 8 oz)
  • SoBe Green Tea (20 oz) - 35 mg caffeine (14 mg per 8 oz)
  • Nestea Peach Green Tea (20 oz) - 42 mg caffeine (16.8 mg per 8 oz)
  • Caribou Green Tea Smoothie (12 oz) - 44 mg caffeine (29.3 mg caffeine per 8 oz)
  • Starbucks Green Tea Creme Frappuccino (Tall / 12 oz.) - 75 mg caffeine (50 mg per 8 oz)

This is only a small sampling, of course, and it's dependent on many variables (type of tea, proportion of water to tea, presence / absence of other ingredients, serving size, brewing time, etc.). Predicting the exact amount of caffeine in a given green tea is very difficult, very few companies publish their teas caffeine levels and you can't accurately test it without lab equipment.